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Web sites

Developing an Internet presence begins with the Preparation phase and proceeds through the phases of Design, Marketing and Maintenance. Each step must be thoroughly investigated, studied and implemented for optimum results.

Search Engine Optimization

The top three search engines are currently Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Once each engine finds a site then that engine will crawl through each page, indexing and ranking the content. This process will continue over the life of the site.

The results are indexed according to rankings called SERPs. "SERP" is an abbreviation for "Search Engine Results Page". The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) struggle is about getting into the top SERPs on various search engines for specified keywords and key phrases.

It is a common belief that Google ranks sites according to over 100 quality points. When a page is indexed the information is extracted from the site and is processed through a complex set of algorithms. The algorithms determine a site's value. Many of these ranking factors are proprietary, hidden from public knowledge. From experience we tend to know which quality factors the SE's hold in priority and weigh more heavily.

Of most importance to the search engines are content depth and uniqueness. That is, most highly ranked sites have many pages of useful information. The more useful information provided, the better the chance of being ranked higher.

Services Include: Web Page Design and Hosting - 2D & 3D Graphics and Animation - Video / Audio Creation and Streaming - Adobe Flash Design

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